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What are the structural characteristics and precautions of aluminum alloy lined PPR pipe?

Abstract: Aluminum alloy lined PPR pipe This product is an aluminum alloy outer layer pipe, the inner layer is a thermoplastic pipe, and the composite pipe is ...
Aluminum alloy lined PPR pipe This product is an aluminum alloy outer layer pipe, the inner layer is a thermoplastic pipe, and the composite pipe is formed by prestressing compound to form a double structure; the outer layer aluminum pipe is formed by heating and extruding 6063 deformed aluminum, and then Through the positive oxidation process (coating more than 10 mu on the positive aluminum tube meets the standard), the inner aluminum tube is food thermoplastic aluminum tube (PPR, PERT, PB, PE).
Features of aluminum alloy lined PPR pipe
1. Compression and aging resistance-aluminum alloy lined plastic pipe not only has a gorgeous appearance, but more importantly, it can effectively resist ultraviolet rays in the sun, and anti-aging can increase the service life of the pipe, especially suitable for surface installation.
2. Excellent resistance to oxygen permeation-plastic itself is a non-airtight material, oxygen can easily penetrate into water through plastic pipes, aluminum alloy-lined plastic pipes can effectively isolate oxygen permeation, and overcome a single plastic pipe that can easily cause microorganisms and seaweeds Breeding shortcomings.
3. Convenient installation—the specific gravity is only 1/6 of that of the galvanized pipe, and it is easy to handle. The use of hot-melt connection does not require threading, the operation is mastered, the control is easy, and the installation is convenient and quick. At the hot-melt joints, cracks or shrinkage holes will occur due to poor hot-melt, resulting in leakage, thereby realizing the anti-maintenance of the piping system.
4. Stable flow: smooth inner wall, no scaling, low conveying resistance, stable flow.
5. Thermal insulation and energy saving-low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, good energy saving effect.
6. Scope of application: suitable for domestic hot and cold water, natural gas pipelines, and air conditioning pipelines.
7. Technical parameters: working temperature -20℃-95℃.
Precautions for aluminum alloy lined PPR pipe
Aluminum-lined plastic PP-R pipe, aluminum-lined plastic PE-RT pipe, and aluminum-lined plastic PE-RT pipe must not be welded to each other, and must not be used interspersed with each other. When it is combined with the seamless pipe prestress, it is necessary to ensure that the outer aluminum pipe is evenly stressed, otherwise there will be a gap on one side, which will bring hidden dangers to the pipe. When performing positive oxidation, the time must be strictly controlled. The time is short, and the effect of positive oxidation cannot reach the effect of anti-corrosion.
The aluminum alloy lined PPR pipe is a new type of practical pipe developed on the basis of the traditional plastic pipe. It combines the performance advantages of metal and plastic materials to ensure that it has excellent anti-seepage, anti-freezing, thermal insulation, In addition to the remarkable features of noise reduction, corrosion resistance, light and oxygen resistance, light stiffness, and 50 years of maintenance-free system, it also has the advantages of antifreeze and heat insulation, heat preservation, corrosion resistance, and light resistance and oxygen resistance.
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