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What are the advantages of antibacterial PPR tubes?

Abstract: What are the advantages of antibacterial PPR pipes? From metal pipes, PVC pipes, PPR pipes, PPR colored pipes to the common antibacterial PPR tap wat...
What are the advantages of antibacterial PPR pipes? From metal pipes, PVC pipes, PPR pipes, PPR colored pipes to the common antibacterial PPR tap water pipes that are common to the public, they are constantly proving the leap over the era of tap water pipes, but whether antibacterial PPR tap water pipes can There are many doubts about realizing antibacterial prolonged life.
Why do so many people choose antibacterial PPR pipes? The main antibacterial PPR pipes can not only achieve the characteristics of ordinary PPR pipes, but also have a strong antibacterial effect. The water in our home is more ecological, healthy and energy-efficient.
However, driven by market competition, most PPR pipe manufacturers began to produce so-called antibacterial water pipes. This makes Shangzhi Pipe Industry very interested. How did they develop in such a short period of time? Therefore, we chose 10 different grades of plumbing brands. According to the requirements of "Antibacterial Performance of Antibacterial Plastic Pipes for Construction", the antibacterial rate before and after the durability of the pipes. If it is a percentage. Over 90, antibacterial control tests were conducted.
Of these 10 antibacterial tubes, it can be said that 2 have almost no antibacterial effect because they are only covered with a layer of antibacterial skin. After 24 hours, the antibacterial rate of the three antibacterial tubes did not reach the requirement of more than 90%. With the antibacterial tube, the antibacterial ppr tube only meets 5 requirements. After the country vigorously rectified the counterfeit antibacterial tube, it was found that the quality of the antibacterial tube was guaranteed, but it was still not 100% reliable.
According to this random trial, some antibacterial tubes used to sell dog meat on the market continue to flood the market. In fact, the inner layer of the antibacterial PPR tube is attached with antibacterial glass fiber PPR. In contrast, the degraded antibacterial PPR tube is replaced by PPB material. To be honest, it's really hard to tell with the naked eye. After all, we are not specialized in the pipeline industry.
Therefore, when buying an antibacterial PPR tube, do not choose a small unknown brand. In terms of price, there is really no big difference, but it is far from the lifespan of the efficacy. Once again, I understand what an antibacterial PPR tube is, which further indicates that I hope that the water environment in my home will be healthier and harmless in the future. Therefore, we must choose the antibacterial PPR tube with the corresponding product quality certificate.
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