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What piping material is suitable for domestic drinking water piping?

Abstract:There are too many types of good water pipes in the current building materials market, and many product categories make us wonder which materials are ...
There are too many types of good water pipes in the current building materials market, and many product categories make us wonder which materials are suitable for household drinking water. Galvanized pipe, aluminum-plastic pipe, ppr water pipe, copper pipe or stainless steel pipe? Let's follow Shangzhi Pipe Industry to classify the mainstream pipes in the current market.

1. Galvanized pipes: Galvanized pipes have been banned from using galvanized pipes since 2000. However, in some newly constructed communities, galvanized pipes will still appear, considering that the later business will renovate and replace water pipes.

2. UPVC pipe: similar to pvc pipe, it can also be said to be a kind of plastic pipe, but its temperature resistance and pressure resistance can not be used for household water pipes, so it is not used very well. In addition to the popularity of pvc pipes, so It also appears less frequently on sewage and electrical conduits.

3. Aluminum-plastic pipe: The quality of aluminum-plastic pipe is very light, not only durable, but also very convenient for construction. It is very good to use it as a cold water pipe, but the disadvantage is that it is not heat-resistant, and it will deform when used for a long time as a hot water pipe. This leads to leakage, and aging water leakage often occurs at the interface after a long time of use.

4. PPR pipe: PPR pipe has unique advantages. It can be used as both a cold water pipe and a hot water pipe. Because of its non-toxicity, light weight, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, it has become the mainstream home improvement water pipe. The interface of the PPR pipe adopts hot-melt technology, and the pipes are completely fused together, so once the installation and pressure test is passed, there is basically no possibility of water leakage.

5. Copper pipe: Copper pipe has the advantages of corrosion resistance and sterilization, and is the best product in water pipes. There are two methods of copper pipe interface: ferrule and welding, but the ferrule is the same as the aluminum-plastic pipe, which has the problem of aging and water leakage for a long time.

6. Stainless steel pipe: It is a very expensive water pipe, which is difficult to construct and is rarely used. Its performance is similar to that of copper pipe.

Among the above 6 types of water pipes, galvanized pipes, UPVC pipes, and aluminum-plastic pipes can already be excluded from the domestic drinking water pipes. Therefore, if you want to say what materials are good for copper pipes, ppr pipes and stainless steel pipes, copper pipes are well-deserved!

First of all, copper has a very low order position in the chemical activity order, so the performance of copper element is extremely stable and corrosion resistance is strong. In addition, copper has certain strength, plasticity and toughness, and has good low temperature performance. Therefore, the copper water pipe is not only heat-resistant and fire-resistant, not aging, but also has a certain anti-frost heave performance.
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