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How to install ppr water pipe?

Abstract:Whether the ppr water pipe is installed or not has become one of the guarantee factors for domestic water use in the future. If one link goes wrong, t...
Whether the ppr water pipe is installed or not has become one of the guarantee factors for domestic water use in the future. If one link goes wrong, there will inevitably be potential threats such as leaks and pipe explosions. Therefore, even if a special installer does the installation work, at least they must know the common sense steps and corresponding operating points for installing PPR water pipes. Identify inappropriate installation procedures and reduce the probability of risk occurring.

One: procurement and transportation of water pipes
Procurement and handling of water pipes are often ignored in the installation of ppr water pipes. It is obviously a wrong view to think that ppr water pipes focus on whether the installation process is standardized! During the handling process, certain protection measures should also be taken for ppr water pipes to avoid External force damage, resulting in subtle and imperceptible cracks. In winter construction, this point should be paid special attention! Because the temperature in winter is mostly lower than 5 ℃, the ppr water pipe has a certain low temperature brittleness.

Two: ppr water pipe installation layout design
Use a pencil to mark the position of the ppr water pipe that needs to be laid out, and mark the future construction route to ensure that the ppr water pipe must be beautiful and distinguished from the line pipe. And consult the owner about the parts that need water, and take it into consideration when designing. During this period, it is especially worth noting that the installation of hot and cold water pipes! Be sure that the hot water pipes are on the left and the cold water pipes are on the right, and the distance between them is 15cm. This will also be checked after the ppr water pipe is installed.
PPR hot pipe for drinking water
Three: the position of the tube card is fixed
For the designed drawings, use pipe clamps to fix the ppr water pipes when necessary. Still use a pencil to clearly mark the position of the upper and lower metal tube clips, and then use an electric hammer to drill holes on the positioning points. It should be noted here that the distance between the tube clips should be kept at a length of not less than 800mm.

Four: hot melt ppr water pipe installation
According to the length measured before, the hot melt connection of the ppr water pipe is also a relatively important link at this point! The hot melt temperature needs to be controlled at 260 ° C. If the temperature is too high, the pipe wall will be scalded and deformed, so the temperature It needs to be just right. Another point is that the hot-melt time is controlled at about 5-7 seconds, and the water pipe and the joint should be combined quickly. If the time is too long, the tightness of the combination cannot be guaranteed. After the hot-melt connection, you can install the ppr water pipe on the pipe clamp according to the fourth step! It is also necessary to pay attention here, the pipe clamp should not over-tighten the ppr water pipe, which will cause the ppr water pipe to be subjected to excessive external force.

Five: Suppression test
Open the water outlet, let the water fill all the installed ppr water pipes, then close it with a plug, use a pressure tester to test the water pressure of 8-10mpa, and observe it for about 30 minutes to 1 hour to see if the water pressure falls back more than 0.05mpa, if it is not exceeded, it is qualified! If the pressure is unstable and the drop is too large, it means that there is a possibility of leakage. It is necessary to check the leakage of the connected ppr water pipe to ensure the pressure test result.

Six: anti-corrosion treatment
Although the pressure test is completed, there is no 100% guarantee that the water pipes will not have accidents in the future, so it is necessary to carry out anti-corrosion treatment on some positions.

The above are the specific steps and corresponding operation points of PPR water pipe installation. I hope that you will have a certain understanding and help in the installation of PPR water pipes in the future, so as to test the construction quality.
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