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How to calculate the melting distance of ppr pipe?

Abstract: If you do not fully understand the problems between the pipelines and want to operate quickly, it is very difficult, because no matter where, as long...
If you do not fully understand the problems between the pipelines and want to operate quickly, it is very difficult, because no matter where, as long as the water and electricity are involved, the appearance of the pipeline is inevitable. Yes, but it is in preparation. In some cases, it is not only necessary to confirm the location of the material, but also to confirm the distance. Control is not sloppy either. So, how to calculate the melting distance of PPR pipe? What is PPR pipe melting technology?
How to calculate the melting distance of ppr tube?
Calculating the length of the ppr weld is indeed very simple, just measure the diameter of the pipe directly. Another calculation method is the actual measurement method, which calculates according to the field used. If the ppr tube is not a whole root, it is calculated as a whole root. In addition, it is necessary to master some PPR welding experience, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes in the welding process.
1. Before construction, check whether the two ends of each pipeline are damaged, so as not to damage the pipeline during transportation. If there is damage or uncertainty, the port should be minus 4-5cm when installing the pipe, and a hammer should not be used. Or hit the water pipe with a heavy object to prevent it from rupturing and prolong its service life.
2. The PPR tube hot melt glue machine has red and green indicator lights. The red light means heating, and the green light means constant temperature. You cannot use it when you first reach the green light. It can only be used the next time the green light is reached. —280C. If the temperature is lower or higher, the joint cannot be completely melted, and there is a hidden danger of water seepage.
3. When cutting PPR pipe, its end surface should be perpendicular to the axis of the pipe, and a special pipe cutter should be used to cut the pipe.
What is PPR pipe hot melt technology?
1. When heating: Do not insert the end of the tube into the sleeve of the heating mold, but insert it to the depth of the mark. At the same time, push the tube into the heating mold without turning to the designated mark.
2. After the heating time is reached, immediately remove the PPR pipe from the heating mold, and insert it straight and evenly into the depth of the hot melt glue quickly and without rotating, so as to form a uniform flange on the glass plate. Bonding and insertion should be controlled rebound.
3. Connect the pipe of the same type of plastic lining material to the double-fuse bent pipe fitting. When welding, use the equipped hot melt or electrofusion welding equipment. Pipes directly buried in the wall or floor should be connected by hot melt glue. When using thread or flange connection, the interface of the thread or flange connection should be exposed.
4. When the aluminum alloy composite plastic pipe or flange is connected with the metal pipe fittings, please use the hot-melt plastic pipe fittings with metal inserts as a transition. Plastic pipe fittings and pipes lined with aluminum alloy are hot-melt connected and connected with metal pipe fittings or sanitary fittings. The accessories are connected by threaded buttons.
Pipeline operations are usually not so easy to deal with, so try to ask professionals before performing some operations. You can regard it as a good basis for your own operations, and in the future, as long as there is no problem with the result, it will not What's the big problem.
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