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PPR pipe fitting male threaded coupling

PPR pipe fitting male threaded coupling

Detailed information:

1. Material: PPR and 58# or 62# brass insert

2. Place of Orgin: Zhejiang,China(Mainland)

3. Technics: Injection

4. Standard: DIN8077/8078

5. Color: white, green, grey or as customer’s request

6. Type: coupling

7. Size: 20x1/2”, 20x3/4”, 25x1/2”, 25x3/4”, 32x1/2”, 32x3/4”, 32x1”, 40x1 1/4”, 50x1 1/2”, 63x2”

8. MOQ: 1000pieces

PPR pipe fitting male threaded coupling parameters


⋅ Selected raw materials: 

It adopts the important special materials. Every material is strictly screened to ensure the congenital 

quality of the product.

⋅ Convenient and safe connection:

It uses hot-melt method to connect, which ensure non-leakage by fusing the pipe and pipe fittings into 

one whole.

⋅ Outstanding performance:

When the working water temperature is 70℃, it can be used stably for a long time. In the case of the 

short-term usage, the water temperature can reach at 90℃.

⋅ Permanent life:

At the rated temperature and pressure, the service life will be as long as more than 50 years.

⋅ Environmental protection:

Polypropylene is healthy and non-toxic which can be completely recycled with no environmental pollution.

⋅ Low engineering cost:

This product does not use any other thermal insulation materials with its good heating preservation performance.

It can be easily installed and transported with light weight.


Item No. Specification(mm) Packaging (pcs / ctn)
YJ6011/B 20x1/2" 210
YJ6012/B 25x1/2" 210
YJ6013/B 25x3/4" 150
YJ6014/B 32x1/2" 180
YJ6015/B 32x3/4" 150
YJ6016/B 32x1" 78
YJ6017/B 40x11/4" 54
YJ6018/B 50x11/2" 36
YJ6019/B 63x2" 24
YJ6020/B 75x21/2" 16
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