What is the inverter method of solar inverter?


Solar inverters are divided into independent solar powe […]

Solar inverters are divided into independent solar power inverters and grid-connected solar power inverters in application, and independent solar power inverters are mainly used in remote areas where there is no household electricity and individual household users. Power generation inverters are mainly used in desert power stations and urban rooftop power generation systems.
1. Inversion of string. Its concept is carried out on the basis of modularity. Each photovoltaic string will pass through a solar inverter, so that at the DC end, there is peak tracking of the maximum power. Many large photovoltaic power plants use The inverter of the string will not be affected by the difference between the modules of the string, and it can also reduce the operating point of the photovoltaic module. It is now a popular solar inverter on the market.
2. Centralized inverter. It is usually used in the system of a relatively large photovoltaic power station. It is connected with many parallel photovoltaic strings, and then connected to the DC input terminal. It is characterized by relatively high power but low cost. On top of it, you can also attach a photovoltaic array interface box, so that each string of photovoltaic windsurfing panels can be monitored. If an abnormality in the string is found, this information will be transmitted to the remote control. At the same time, the string can no longer work, so that it will not affect the work of the entire photovoltaic system.
3. Multi-string inverter. It has the advantages of string and centralized inverter, but without their disadvantages, it can be used in photovoltaic power stations of several kilowatts. In its system, it contains different power peak tracking and DC-to-DC converters, which can be converted into alternating current and connected to the grid.
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