What is the classification and principle of sine wave inverter?


As an emerging product in the photovoltaic industry, in […]

As an emerging product in the photovoltaic industry, inverters have gradually entered our ordinary people's vision. So what are the classifications of inverters? Here, the editor wants to introduce you to an emerging product called a sine wave inverter. In today's era of high-tech development, sine wave inverters are being widely used in various industries, especially microcomputer systems and our most common communication systems or industrial equipment, etc., are the most commonly used inverters of this type Venues and industries. Then let's briefly understand it.
As an emergency power source material, sine wave inverters are often used in satellite communication equipment or military materials. Even vehicle equipment such as medical ambulances will use this type of inverter. Therefore, it is not difficult to find that the purpose of the inverter is mainly the application of some emergency systems.
As a main classification of inverters, the main principles of sine wave inverters are square wave output and sine wave output. So what is the difference between the two? In general, the efficiency of the inverter output by the former is higher than that of the latter, which is why most electrical appliances usually use sine waves to design the power supply of related electrical appliances in order to be put into use more quickly. Not only can it be widely used, but also has a good guarantee in terms of security. The latter, which has relatively low efficiency, has the disadvantage of low efficiency when used, so in general, companies tend to use a relatively high-efficiency sine wave output as the principle inverter, so that you can At the same time take into account the issues of high efficiency and high security.