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What are the techniques for hot-melt connection of aluminum alloy lined PPR pipes?

Abstract: The aluminum alloy lined PPR pipe needs to pay attention to the overall effect when it is hot melted to prevent errors in the connection of the pipe ...
The aluminum alloy lined PPR pipe needs to pay attention to the overall effect when it is hot melted to prevent errors in the connection of the pipe fittings. The distance of the pipe must be carefully calculated during the hot melt, so that the connection position can be confirmed. In addition, the plastic pipe is lined Pay more attention to some skills when connecting, and then I will give you a specific introduction.
1. Directly measure the inner diameter of pipe fittings;
2. The actual measurement method is calculated based on the site usage. If the ppr tube is not a whole one, then it is calculated as the whole one. In addition, for ppr welding, you must have experience, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes in the welding process.
1) Before construction, check whether the two ends of each pipe are damaged to prevent damage to the pipe during transportation. If there is damage or uncertainty, you should subtract 4-5 cm from the port when installing the pipe. Do not hit the water pipe with a hammer or heavy objects to prevent the water pipe from bursting and relatively increase the service life.
2) The PPR tube hot melt machine has red and green lights. The red light represents heating, and the green light represents constant temperature. It cannot be used when it reaches the green light. It needs to be used when it reaches the green light. The temperature range is from 260 degrees to 280 degrees when it is hot melted. If the temperature is low or high, the seams will not be completely fused, leaving a hidden danger of water seepage.
3) When cutting the PPR pipe, the end surface needs to be perpendicular to the pipe axis, and a special shearing machine should be used for cutting.
The hot-melt connection method of aluminum alloy lined PPR pipe:
1. When heating: Lead the pipe end into the heating die cover without rotating, and insert the marked depth. At the same time, push the pipe to the heating die without rotating to reach the specified mark.
2. After the heating time is reached, immediately remove the PPR pipe fittings from the heating mold at the same time, and insert them into the hot melt depth in a straight line without rotating, so that the joints are evenly formed into flanges, and the rebound after insertion is controlled.
3. The pipe made of the same inner lined plastic material is connected with the elastic double-melting pipe fitting of the curved channel. When welding, you need to use hot melt or electrofusion welding equipment. Need to use pipes buried directly on the wall or on the ground. Hot melt connection must not use thread or flange connection, and the interface of thread or flange connection needs to be exposed.
4. When aluminum alloy lined plastic pipes or flanges are connected with metal pipe fittings, hot melt plastic pipe fittings with metal inserts are used as a transition, and the pipe fittings and aluminum alloy lined plastic pipe fittings are connected by hot melt.
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