What are the precautions in using the inverter?


As for the function of the inverter, we all know that i […]

As for the function of the inverter, we all know that it plays an irreplaceable role in our power supply applications, but we must pay attention to the relevant precautions during use to be more secure To use. We all know that household appliances, such as TV monitors, motors, etc., will reach the highest value when they are started. At this time, the power that the inverter bears is very large. , Our inverter will withstand a lot of voltage itself, so when we turn on the home appliances, we must pay attention to the opening steps of the switch used.
When turning on the household appliances, we should pay attention to the related matters. We should first turn off the switches of the appliances, then turn on the switches of the inverter, and finally turn on the switches of the appliances one by one. Kinds of electrical products, and the most important thing to note is that when opening all kinds of electrical products, it is necessary to open the electrical product that consumes the most power. The steps of opening one by one are the key to our attention. It can protect our stable electricity consumption and protect our various electrical products.

For a battery-like car in use, if the battery voltage drops, the input voltage of the inverter should be reduced to 10.24-11 volts. At this time, his alarm will beep. At this time, the computer or other sensitive electrical products should be shut down in time. This is a noteworthy situation, and then the converter we use will automatically shut down, which can prevent our battery from being excessively discharged. After the protection device automatically starts, we can guarantee the service life of our battery.