What are the little knowledge about battery charging?


1. When UPS is floating charging, please use charging v […]

1. When UPS is floating charging, please use charging voltage 2.275V/single cell (set value at 20°C) for constant voltage charging or constant current charging with a current below 0.002CA. When the temperature is below 0C or above 40C, it is necessary to correct the charging voltage. With 20C as the starting point, for every degree change, the single cell voltage changes -3mv.
2. When cyclic charging, the charging voltage is 2.40-2.50V/single cell (the set value at 20°C), and the constant voltage voltage is charged. When charging at a temperature below 5C or above 35℃, start at 20℃, and adjust the charging voltage to -4mv/cell for every degree of change.
3. The initial charging current is controlled below 0.25CA.
4. The charging capacity is set to 100-120% of the discharge capacity, but when the ambient temperature is below 5C, it is set to 120-130%.
5. The lower the temperature (below 5C), the longer the charging end time, and the higher the temperature (above 35C), the more likely it is to overcharge. Therefore, it is better to charge within 5C~30C, especially during recycling.
6. To prevent overcharging, try to install a charging timer, or automatically switch to trickle charging.
7. The battery temperature should be controlled within the range of -15C~+40C when charging