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What are the common connection methods for plastic-lined pipes?

Abstract:1. Threaded connectionThreaded connection refers to pipe fittings that use connecting threads. Galvanized steel pipes with a diameter of less than 100...
1. Threaded connection
Threaded connection refers to pipe fittings that use connecting threads. Galvanized steel pipes with a diameter of less than 100mm should be threaded, mainly for surface installation of pipelines. Composite pipes made of steel and plastic are generally also connected by screws. The galvanized steel pipe should be connected with screws. When screwing, the surface of the galvanized layer and the exposed thread part should be damaged. Flanges or pipes must be connected by special fittings, and the welding of galvanized steel pipes and flanges must be galvanized twice.

2. Flange connection
Large diameter pipes are connected by flanges. Flange connection is generally used for main pipelines, connecting valves, check valves, water meters, pumps, etc., and also used for pipeline parts that require frequent disassembly and overhaul. When galvanized pipes are welded or flanged together, the weld must be galvanized or anti-rust treatment.

3. Welding
Welding is used for non-galvanized steel pipes, mainly for concealed pipeline projects and large-diameter pipeline projects, and is usually used for high-rise buildings. Copper pipes can be connected by special joints or welding. When the pipe diameter is less than 22mm, socket or casing welding should be used. The socket installation should meet the medium flow. When the pipe diameter is greater than 2mm or equal to 2mm, butt welding should be used. Socket welding can be used for stainless steel pipes.

4. Groove connection
Groove connection can be used for galvanized steel pipes with a diameter greater than 100mm in fire fighting water, air-conditioning cold and hot water, water supply, rainwater and other systems. It has simple operation, does not affect the original characteristics of the pipeline, construction safety, system stability, convenient maintenance, and labor saving, etc. Features.

5. Card sleeve connection
Aluminum-plastic composite pipes are generally connected by crimping with threaded ferrules. The nut of the joint set at the end of the pipe is tightened with a wrench to form the core of the joint and the nut. The ferrule crimper can also be used to connect copper pipes.

6. Press connection
The stainless steel compression connection technology replaces the traditional water pipe connection technology such as thread, welding, and glue connection. It has the characteristics of water quality protection, corrosion resistance, and long service life. The socket type pipe fittings with special sealing rings are used in the construction to connect to the pipeline. Use a special tool to press the nozzle to seal and tighten the pipe. It has the advantages of convenient installation, reliable connection, economical and reasonable during construction.

7. Hot melt glue connection
The connection method of PPR pipe adopts hot-melt equipment for hot-melt connection.

8. Socket connection
Cast iron pipes and fittings used to connect water supply and drainage. There are two connection methods: flexible connection and rigid connection. Flexible connections are sealed with rubber rings, rigid connections are sealed with asbestos cement or expandable fillers, and lead seals are used in critical situations.
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