What are the classifications of common inverters?


For the inverter, do you know if everyone knows about i […]

For the inverter, do you know if everyone knows about it or how much does it know about it? I believe that every consumer, especially those working in the mechanical equipment industry, has heard of the PV module. So now let's take a look at the types of common inverters, and what are the basis for these classifications? I believe that after reading the contents of the following article, everyone will not be unfamiliar with the common classification of inverters.
The specific classification of inverters, I believe many people are not very familiar with this issue. Now let's take a look, and when you buy an inverter, you need to choose different types of inverters according to what kind of situation! In general, different types of inverters are classified according to the magnitude of different output powers. Then, according to this classification, we can divide the usual inverter power into small, medium and high power inverters. When our consumers are purchasing inverters, they should make targeted choices based on the actual application power at the time.
In addition, the circuit principle of the inverter is not the same as the power of the inverter is different. Common inverters generally have resonant inverters, which are the most widely used. Of course, in addition to this one, we can also be divided into pulse width modulation type, and self-excited oscillation type. The use of these two types of inverters in daily life is also relatively extensive. Therefore, different manufacturers or manufacturers generally select inverters according to their own production needs when selecting inverters.
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