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What are the benefits of using aluminum alloy lined PPR pipe?

Abstract: The aluminum alloy-lined PPR pipe belongs to the aluminum alloy pipe. When in use, its strength is relatively good, it can be installed in the wall, ...
The aluminum alloy-lined PPR pipe belongs to the aluminum alloy pipe. When in use, its strength is relatively good, it can be installed in the wall, its compression resistance is good, the connection operation is relatively simple, and it can ensure a faster connection, which greatly saves construction Over time, the pipe itself has the effect of heat resistance and heat preservation, so it is widely favored by the public.
(1) Hygiene and non-toxic. PP-R is a polyolefin compound with only carbon and hydrogen in its molecule, which is non-toxic, tasteless, and reliable in hygiene. The entire process of raw material production, pipe forming, use and disposal has no adverse effects on the human body and the environment. The added additives also meet the food hygiene requirements, and are recognized as the same green pipes as polyethylene pipes. They can not only be used in cold and hot water systems. , Can also be used for pure drinking water system. The cleanliness is relatively high.
(2) Heat insulation and energy saving. The softening point of the aluminum alloy lined PPR pipe is 131.3 degrees, and the high working temperature of the aluminum alloy lined PP-R pipe reaches 95 degrees. It can be used normally for 50 years under the conditions of 1MPa and 70 degrees. The building water supply design code is cold and hot Use of water system The thermal conductivity of this product is 0.21W/(mk), which is 0.5% of the thermal conductivity of steel pipes. Therefore, it has excellent thermal insulation performance and can save a lot of energy by being used in hot water heating systems. Has good environmental protection.
(3) Simple and reliable connection and installation. The aluminum alloy lined PP-R pipes and pipes are all processed with the same kind of raw materials. They have good thermal welding performance and can be connected by thermal welding and electrofusion. The connection is simple and the strength of the connection part is greater than the strength of the main body of the pipe. . Compared with the mechanical connection method, the connection cost is low, the speed is fast, the operation is simple, and it is safe and reliable. It is especially suitable for installing the direct-buried concealed cover. There is no need to consider whether the connection part leaks during long-term use.
The above is the reason why the aluminum alloy lined PPR pipe is widely loved by the public. Its use belongs to high sanitary requirements, and it can achieve good heat resistance and thermal insulation performance during use. Its connection is relatively quick and simple, and it can save pipes. The installation time can also play a good environmental protection effect.
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