The main types and performance parameters of solar inverters


The solar inverter is an important component of the ent […]

The solar inverter is an important component of the entire solar power generation system. It can directly regulate the current, voltage, and power output of the solar power system. In addition, the operation and shutdown of the solar power supply system, as well as the tracking and limitation of the maximum power, are controlled by the solar inverter. Almost all the functions of the solar generator are regulated by the inverter. The following introduces the main types of solar inverters and their detailed parameters.
Solar inverters can be divided into ordinary inverters, integrated chargers and inverters, inverters for communication, inverters for aviation and military and so on according to their different application ranges. In addition, the inverter type can also be classified according to the current waveform output by the inverter. The output current of the inverter can be square wave, step wave or sine wave. Some inverters with complete functions can adjust the shape of the current they output, that is, one inverter can output a variety of Type of current. In addition, there are many other ways to divide inverters. For example, they can be divided into low-frequency inverters, intermediate-frequency inverters and high-frequency inverters according to the frequency of current. Solar Controller
There are many main performance parameters of solar inverters. First, the operating environment of the inverter should be considered. Solar controllers include operating temperature and altitude. In addition, the rated output voltage of the inverter is also the main performance reference index at the time of purchase. In most solar power generation systems, there are voltage fluctuations in the output voltage. Some instruments are more sophisticated and require smaller voltage fluctuations. Most inverters have voltage fluctuations between 3% and 5%. If smaller voltage fluctuations are required If so, a special inverter may be needed.