Safety issues in the use of the inverter


The inverter must be fixed for use. Do not put it on th […]

The inverter must be fixed for use. Do not put it on the center console. Generally speaking, the inverter is relatively heavy. If it is placed on the center console, it will easily fly up and hurt others during emergency braking. When you stop, you can't use the inverter to directly ignite. When you ignite, you can have a voltage that can impact your own. It is very easy to damage your inverter during the breakdown. The correct way is to turn it off again Ignition, and then continue to use when the car starts.
Don't touch the output directly with your own hand, although the power is relatively small, it is still very easy to get an electric shock. When using a high-power inverter, it is used according to the above electrical appliances. The inverter must be directly replaced by a practical battery shelf. The car cigarette lighter is generally 15A, which is only suitable for lower power. When using electrical appliances, if you exceed these, you should directly get electricity, otherwise it will burn out the contents.
Under normal circumstances, the input fuse of the inverter is easily burned out. It is best not to replace it by yourself. When the inverter is used for more than 90%, it will be broken because of the input inside. At this time, the fuse can be replaced. Use, but it is easy to burn out the bumper of the car. The correct method of use is to contact the manufacturer for after-sales contact. When it is not possible to install it, it must be packed. In a humid environment, no oil stains are allowed. If it exceeds 150w, it is necessary to use the battery rack to directly draw electricity.