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What are the performance advantages of aluminum alloy lined PERT pipes in use?

Abstract:Aluminum alloy lined PERT pipe is a kind of light pipe material. Due to the combination of internal plastic material and external aluminum alloy mater...
Aluminum alloy lined PERT pipe is a kind of light pipe material. Due to the combination of internal plastic material and external aluminum alloy material, the use effect has obvious advantages, and it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance. It also has certain advantages in many occasions. Next, I will introduce to you the specific aspects of its performance in use.

1. Better impact resistance. It is resistant to low temperature impact, prevents the risk of accidental impact, and greatly improves the safety of use.

2. The linear expansion coefficient is small, and the surface installation is completely unchanged. The expansion coefficient of the aluminum alloy lined PERT pipe is as small as 1/5 of the pure plastic pipe, which is close to the metal pipe, and the indoor and outdoor lighting devices are not deformed (more beautiful).

3. High temperature operation is impermeable to oxygen to prevent corrosion. The aluminum alloy completely isolates the outside air, protects the water quality of the pipe meat from oxygen, prevents metal oxidation and corrosion in the heating and central air conditioning systems, and ensures the safe and stable operation of the system (more scientific).

4. Anti-ultraviolet, prevent material oxidation. The aluminium layer blocks UV rays and provides a UV protection barrier to the tube. No discoloration and no aging (safer) for outdoor installation.

5. Long service life: The outer aluminum alloy layer can effectively prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays to the inner plastic pipe, improve the service life, and guarantee the service life of 50 years.

6. Good rigidity and no deformation: it will not be damaged by occasional knocking or impact in use, and the tensile strength can reach 504kg/cm2.

7. Good high temperature resistance: the high temperature resistance range of the material is -20~80 degrees, and the subzero temperature of adding glycol water to the cooling effect water will not break as long as the frozen pipe does not freeze.

8. Good corrosion and acid resistance: The pipes treated with anti-corrosion resin spray coating have high acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, and can be directly contacted with alkali cement and acid solutions without corrosion.

9. The material is light in quality: the weight is 1/6 of the steel pipe, which reduces the load-bearing load of the building and facilitates the transportation project.

10. Small heat loss, more energy saving: the thermal conductivity is lower than that of general metal pipes (0.42W/mk), the heat loss is low, and the cost is saved, the thermal conductivity of cast iron (48W/mk).

11. Good hygienic performance: the lined plastic pipes meet the national drinking water hygiene standards, do not breed bacteria, have smooth inner walls, and do not retain impurities.

The above is the introduction of the specific aspects of the performance of the aluminum alloy lined PERT pipe in use. When it is selected and used, it has a higher effect and advantage, has a certain corrosion resistance, and has a relatively long life in use. The effect is better. Its impact resistance is relatively high, the high temperature resistance effect is good, and the interior can be directly connected to hot water.
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