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The advantages and disadvantages of different pipes

Abstract:PPR pipe is cost-effective and environmentally friendlyAs a new type of water pipe material, PPR pipe has unique advantages. It can be used as a cold ...
PPR pipe is cost-effective and environmentally friendly
As a new type of water pipe material, PPR pipe has unique advantages. It can be used as a cold water pipe or a hot water pipe. The interface of the PPR pipe adopts hot-melt technology, and the pipes are completely fused together. Therefore, once the installation and pressure test pass, it will not age and leak like aluminum-plastic pipes for a long time.
Advantages: moderate price, stable performance, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall without scaling, safe and reliable piping system, impermeable, and the service life can reach 50 years.
Disadvantages: high construction technology requirements, special tools and professionals are required for construction to ensure the safety of the system.

Corrosion resistance and sterilization of copper pipe
It is the first-class product in water pipes. There are two ways of connecting copper pipes: ferrule and welding. Ferrule is the same as aluminum-plastic pipe, and it has the problem of aging and water leakage for a long time. Most copper pipes are installed by welding. Welding means that the joints are welded together by oxygen, so that they can be the same as PPR water pipes and never leak. Because of its high price, it is generally used in high-end apartments or villas.
Advantages: high strength, stable performance, sterilization, and not easy to corrode.
Disadvantages: high price and difficult construction. In the cold winter, it is easy to cause heat loss, high energy consumption and high use cost.

Aluminum plastic pipe is easy to age and leak
Aluminum-plastic pipe used to be a popular pipe on the market. Because of its light weight, durability and convenient construction, its flexibility is more suitable for home furnishing. In Guangdong and Shanghai, where the decoration concept is relatively new, the aluminum-plastic pipe has gradually disappeared from the market and is a product that has been eliminated.
Advantages: the price is relatively cheap, it can be bent arbitrarily, the surface is smooth, and the construction is convenient.
Disadvantages: easy to age, many hidden dangers, and short service life. Practice has proved that after one year of use, the pipe joints are prone to leakage.

Galvanized pipe is easy to be blocked and easily polluted
You suddenly open the water pipe that has not been used for a long time and you find that it is "yellow" water flowing out. In the past, this kind of thing is very easy to happen in the galvanized iron pipe in the old house. Such "yellow" water is also harmful to the human body. Four ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Construction of China also issued a document clarifying that galvanized pipes have been banned from 2000, and galvanized pipes are rarely used for cold water pipes in newly built communities.
Advantages: complete varieties and many matching pipe fittings.
Disadvantages: It is an obsolete product that is banned by the state. It is easy to corrode and rust, resulting in poor water flow and easily polluting water sources.

PVC pipe is easy to break and deform
In fact, it is a kind of plastic pipe, and the joints are usually glued together. Because of its poor frost resistance and heat resistance, it is difficult to use as a hot water pipe; the strength is not suitable for the pressure requirements of water pipes, so cold water pipes are rarely used. In most cases, PVC pipes are suitable for electric wire pipes and sewage pipes. In addition, the chemical additive phthalate that makes PVC softer has a great impact on the kidneys, liver, and testicles in the human body, and can cause cancer and kidney damage, so it is not recommended to buy.
Advantages: light, easy to install, low cost, and not perishable.
Disadvantages: poor quality will be brittle, easy to break, and easy to deform when exposed to heat.
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