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How is the solar photovoltaic power generation system configured?

Abstract:1: The configuration algorithm of the controllerThe voltage of the controller should be the same as the inverter voltage, and the output voltage level...
1: The configuration algorithm of the controller
The voltage of the controller should be the same as the inverter voltage, and the output voltage level after connecting to the solar panel is the same, and then even the current; the size of the controller is determined by the solar power panel; that is, the power of the charge and discharge controller (voltage* Current) must be greater than or equal to the total power of all power generation panels;

2: Inverter algorithm
The size of the inverter is determined by the load, which is determined by the equipment behind it, but the equipment is divided into inductive load and resistive load. Inductive load refers to the motor, fan, water pump, air conditioner, etc. Devices, these devices will have 4 to 7 times the inrush current when they are turned on (except for variable frequency starting, which has no effect). When calculating these devices, at least 4 times the power is calculated; resistive loads refer to those that are turned on. Sometimes there is no or very small inrush current, such as lights, computers, monitors, etc.; these devices can be calculated based on the original power;

The choice of inverter should be at least larger than the maximum power of the equipment on the back end after amplification; for example, if you bring a 1KW water pump and a 1KW computer, the water pump will have more than 4 times the impact, and the computer will not. Then the maximum power is 4+1=5KW, so the inverter must be at least 6KW or more;

3: Battery algorithm
The choice of the battery also depends on the power of the equipment behind and the length of time that the battery needs to be powered; the power is the sum of the power of all the equipment behind, but don't count the impact, because the boot impact is only a short time and has little effect on the battery.
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