Describe the important factors in choosing ppr pipe


When purchasing products at the PPR pipe factory, we sh […]

When purchasing products at the PPR pipe factory, we should look at the differences in the professional performance of ppr pipes, such as pipe diameter, pipe wall thickness and pressure rating.
When selecting a water supply pipe, the pressure level of the pipe should be appropriately selected. The water supply system in the house is a concealed project, and the pipeline should be pressure tested after installation. The water pipe indicates that it needs to meet health requirements. The cleanliness of the water is not only caused by the water pollution caused by the top of the pipe, but also whether the used pipe can prevent the oxygen in the outside air from penetrating into the pipe wall. Long-term oxygen permeation can easily cause bacteria, water dirt and moss to grow in the pipeline, which can pollute the water.
Also check the reliability of the ppr pipe, choose the pipe material with better high temperature resistance, the coefficient of expansion of the wire, and the brightness of the selected color is almost uniform, the inner and outer walls are smooth and tidy, without bubbles, dents and others. Substances that interfere with the performance of the surface layer.