How to use solar controllers safely


The main feature of the intelligent solar controller is […]

The main feature of the intelligent solar controller is the driving of the light source with very high performance LED inside. The highest efficiency is 96%, and the device with four segments is lost. The power mediation will also become very accurate. The color temperature will also be very outstanding. The excellent current needs to be controlled by itself. To a small extent, it will reduce the light source inside and prolong the service life of this thing. The waterproof level inside can be used under various harsh environments to ensure the industrial quality inside.
  The voltage that is counted in it is the price that can reach 70v. The solar controller is the light that will drive, change its own algorithm, and then have a very high charging efficiency, which will make the time become longer, the metal casing is With very high density equipment, it will also get a lot of power, which is to control your own temperature rise. Inside the built-in constant current source, the maximum output voltage can be up to 70v, and it can drive a lot at the maximum.
  In the digital tube of the two seats above the control panel, the first one is the mode in which the display appears. The second one is the direct case when the parameters below the mode work. The mode and the parameters can be displayed normally. In this case, each time the case will convert a number, and when the second one is dark, the above icon will appear. The more internal operation method is to browse the mode that needs to be adjusted. The solar controller follows the above. When something is sent, it can stop flashing. If you don't want to run it, you can only set the time inside to 0.
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