How to choose the right solar controller?


Today, solar controllers have become a no longer unfami […]

Today, solar controllers have become a no longer unfamiliar word. Its most common use is in the solar power system to provide load power to the inverter and to charge the battery. So what should we choose when we use it? Let's talk about it.
First of all, we have to choose a higher configuration of the battery board, so that the voltage when exiting protection can be set lower according to their own needs, the battery voltage will be normal, and the solar controller can also be used normally. The second is the problem of heat dissipation. The controller can be well cooled to prolong its service life. Then is its output period, now more and more consumers are not satisfied with the output time efficiency of the existing products, so we can choose the appropriate controller according to their needs, change its output time according to the demand, set it The closing time can greatly reduce the cost.
The last is line loss compensation, which is the most difficult function to control at this stage, because it requires control of the software equipment and then compensates for the length and diameter of the different lines. Under low voltage conditions, the line loss function is very important, because when the voltage is low, the line loss will increase, and then the output voltage will be lower than the input voltage, which will cause the capacity of the battery to become smaller. Therefore, in our actual choice, we should choose a cable that is not particularly thin, and the length of the cable should be moderate.
So when we choose a solar controller, we need to choose the controller that suits us according to the performance it needs. At this stage, more and more improvements have been made in terms of user requirements, and the goal is to provide customers with more and better choices.
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