How to choose a solar controller


A wide range of solar power generation systems are PV m […]

A wide range of solar power generation systems are PV modules. The inside is the work that will coordinate the use of many links. It is also a solar controller. It can be said that the solar controller is the system brain of all solar energy, so all solar energy systems will be reflected. Great value comes out. Choosing such a controller is a very critical joint for the clothes moth. The popular controllers in the market are mainly ordinary solar controllers. The ordinary controller is the first generation technology. Yuan Li, who works, directly inputs the battery panel into a port of the battery, which is not fully utilized.
  After that, it is a solar controller of PWM. It is the second technology. Now there are many in the market. The way of working is to use such control inside. Compared with ordinary, it is impossible to get in. It is able to solve oneself. The battery is not full of all the problems, compared to the technology of its own control, but not all of the solar energy is used, then the MPPT solar controller, and the technology of the third bag after that, the highest-end one controls all the positions. .
  The system will use the maximum power to charge the battery. After that, the total efficiency of the cesium is nearly 100%. The power generation efficiency of all the systems is also higher, and some excellent management for the battery is also divided into charging and constant. The possibility of pressure, the advancement of technology and the saving, is the trend of being able to replace its own solar energy. The ordinary solar controller is not full of electricity, but the advanced is different, and the technical difficulty is the bottom of the comparison.
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