How should the inverter be selected?


The main technical indicators of the inverter are three […]

The main technical indicators of the inverter are three aspects, one is the current, the other is the output power factor, and finally the input voltage inside, etc., we can make some parameters through the inspection of our own inverter products. Comparison. The capacity of the equipment in this project is very sufficient. If you choose a single inverter with a relatively large capacity, it is easy to have many faults. The power generation system is very large when it is lost. Choose a smaller capacity. The inverter, that is, the number of devices that will be used, will also increase the number of maintenance in the later period.
  Considering all aspects, it is necessary to consider things that are more efficient and have higher power. The main feature of the centralized inverter is that the power of the single machine is relatively large. Now the main memory of the country is 500kw, which is the main one. Many of the US regions are the mainstream power, and their integration is constantly improving. The company also withdrew the power of the single machine this year. According to the circuit structure inside, it can be divided into the following two types.
  Most of them are medium-sized ones now. In the global photovoltaic power plants, the ratio of choice is over 98%. Through comparison, the data is maintained in the power station, and the loss of power generation is still the same. Because the type inside is all maintenance, the centralized thing is the maintenance that can be carried out during the period. The cost of the equipment still has a very big advantage, and in the large-scale power station, it will be replaced regularly, and the maintenance personnel will be on the road. The time will be more than when it is equipped.