What are the types of grid-connected inverters?


Grid-connected inverters are generally divided accordin […]

Grid-connected inverters are generally divided according to the way of power generation, mainly photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, power equipment power generation, etc. These different types of inverters also have different application scenarios. Let’s take a look at these different types of inverters. The usage scenario of the device.
Photovoltaic grid-connected inverters also have different types, which are caused by the conversion efficiency of solar energy and the form of placement. Now more common are string inverters, multi-string inverters, and centralized inverters. And component inverters. The string inverter is the most popular inverter used in the market today. Its advantage is to reduce the optimal point of the PV module and the inverter does not match, and will not be affected by the module between any string. And the effect of shading, which makes the amount of power generation more, makes this inverter more reliable and less expensive.
In addition to some centralized inverters, centralized inverters are usually used in large power plant systems. The main advantage is that the system is low in cost and relatively low in power, but it is subject to illumination. Multi-string inverters mainly use the characteristics of centralized inverters and string inverters to generate power for large-scale photovoltaic power plants, avoiding its shortcomings. The component inverter connects each PV module and an inverter to make the component and the inverter better.
Grid-connected inverters that use wind power to generate electricity also have a lot of applications. They are a very clean and usable energy source. Wind power generation technology is becoming more and more popular today, but it is subject to natural weather conditions. Limitations, the input and output of this inverter are unstable. Power equipment generating grid-connected inverters Mainly using internal combustion engines to generate electricity, such inverters have a wide range of applications in daily life.
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