What are the precautions for the power inverter?


When the power inverter uses the battery, the battery v […]

When the power inverter uses the battery, the battery voltage is reduced to 9.5V, and the power inverter will automatically shut down to ensure that the car can start normally and the battery will not be damaged.
The power inverter relies on the internal electronic circuit to automatically realize the battery protection function. When using the power inverter, if there is a shutdown or alarm, check the following items:
1) Whether the power of the driven electrical appliance exceeds the rated power value of the inverter.
2) Whether the power inverter is well connected to the battery and electrical appliances.
3) If it is stopped during use, is it a temperature alarm? At this time, it can continue to be used after a period of inactivity
Pay attention to the voltage value of the battery power supply system when using the power inverter, and read the instructions carefully before use.
The inverter power should be distinguished. In extreme cases, even when the rated power is used, there may be occasional cases of overheating or even burning. Because vehicle power inverters have not been unified in the after-sales and pre-sales markets due to the test conditions of the nominal value of power and personal safety issues, many manufacturers use fuzzy power conditions to make consumers have always been confused even if the nominal value is the same. The price of the products is also quite different, the product needs to see whether the period meets the national industry standards. Therefore, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (2012) document No. 68 recommends a national expert standard formulation plan for inverter standards. The standard is numbered 2012-0120T-QC in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Auto Standards Committee. In January 2015, 47 experts and about 20 industry personnel from across the country attended the final review of the standard. In April 2016, the Gongsignal No. 17 document published the standard QC/T 1036-2016.