What are the key components of solar inverters?


As the application of photovoltaic power plants becomes […]

As the application of photovoltaic power plants becomes more and more widespread, people have higher and higher expectations for green energy. Especially the development and utilization of solar energy has promoted the development of renewable energy. The solar photovoltaic power generation system has the advantages of renewable, high reliability, and safety, and is widely used. The most important solar inverter is an important component of the entire power station.
1. AC contactor
The key component of automatic control that connects the inverter to the AC grid. If the inverter has the conditions for grid-connected power generation, the grid-connected contactor is closed and the inverter is connected to the grid. Otherwise, disconnect.
2. AC circuit breaker
It is a static physical isolation device between the inverter and the grid, generally a molded case circuit breaker or a frame circuit breaker.
3. AC and DC lightning protection
The surge protector is installed on the power line. When lightning intrudes into the power transmission line, it will discharge the lightning current to the ground, and limit the lightning overvoltage within the allowable withstand voltage range of the electrical equipment to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment.
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