What are the inspection steps for solar inverters?


When the solar inverter is turned off, the closing oper […]

When the solar inverter is turned off, the closing operation on the LCD panel is required first, and then the inverter is controlled to be turned off. After the circuit breaker that outputs the AC output of the inverter stops rotating and the switch behind the inverter is closed, the inverter will directly switch to the AC cabinet. After that, the two direct input circuit breakers in the solar inverter will be directly rotated to the closed state, and then the front opening of the inverter will be cut off. If the inverter is directly set to the external power supply scale, the internal and external power supply can also be cut off, and then the circuit breaker will exit operation. The following photovoltaic inverter manufacturers will give a detailed introduction:
After confirming that the solar inverter is completely disconnected from the AC side, it will use its own multimeter to check the inside of the AC side, that is, confirm that it has no points, then it will not reconnect, and then it can be directly connected to the bottom line, observe Whether the solar inverter has a hanging place, observe whether there is deformation, check whether there is humidity above the environment, and check whether all the air inlets are normal.
To start the solar inverter, first remove the ground wire, then close the transformer on the cabinet and open it from the side. Then turn on the inverter AC output directly to the switching stage. Then close a bus box until the beginning. Then use the closed DC cabinet until the real input can begin. Then turn on the two DCs, wait for about one minute, and then turn on everything else in turn, the solar inverter can be started.