What are the high quality performance of solar controllers?


Solar energy is no longer a new word in today's era, bu […]

Solar energy is no longer a new word in today's era, but solar controllers today will attract a lot of attention. So what are the magical controllers associated with solar energy? First we start with the basic knowledge. Solar controller, from a professional point of view, it can also be called solar charge and discharge controller, the most common and common use is to apply it to solar power systems, in order to achieve solar battery and inverter An emerging mechanical device that provides load power.
So, what high-quality performance does the solar controller generally have? What are the principles behind this performance and the support of technology? Let's move on to the next step. First, the solar controller implements the operation and control of mechanical equipment by using an operating system called a high-speed microcomputer. The microprocessor also works with some very high-precision converters to form an internal system for detection and control to sample the entire mechanical device and provide the most intuitive data for the user. .
12V, 24V, 220V, and other voltage values ​​are the most common voltage values ​​of solar controllers. It is also because of the conversion of different voltage values ​​that such solar controllers have superior performance that cannot be possessed by a general controller. First of all, it has a power adjustment function. It can provide past historical data for the working process of PV modules and provide relevant and objective reference data to relevant operators. Moreover, this controller also has the high-quality performance of serial communication data transmission, which can manage and detect the sub-station between different conversion zones.
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