What are the characteristics of solar inverters?


A solar inverter is a power adjustment device composed […]

A solar inverter is a power adjustment device composed of semiconductor devices, which is mainly used to convert DC power into AC power. Solar inverter not only has the function of DC and AC conversion, but also has many characteristics
1. High performance and strong load capacity: using cutting-edge solar inverter technology, high power supply quality, suitable for various loads, such as motors, air conditioners, electric drills, fluorescent lamps, gas lamps and other household appliances, communication equipment and industrial equipment.
2. High reliability: using advanced technology and redundant design, equipped with power frequency transformer, controlled by the central processing unit, carefully manufactured with high-quality components, stable performance, high reliability, and after-sales is not higher than 1/3000.
3. Perfect protection: with input overvoltage and undervoltage protection; output overload, overcurrent and short circuit protection; over-temperature protection of the whole machine can resist the impact of high current starting load.
4. Friendly interface: LCD/LED display: working status, power supply voltage, output voltage, battery power, frequency, load rate, fault and other information are clear; it also has functions such as sound and light fault alarm and fault indication.
5. Simple operation: intelligent start and stop, high degree of automation and convenient operation.
6. Powerful charging ability: The machine is equipped with a high-current charger with self-control charging technology, which has fast charging speed, stable floating charging voltage, and charging current can be adjusted between 0-70A. Three-level charging (constant current charging (constant current charging) Stage)→constant voltage charging (constant voltage stage)→floating charging (constant voltage stage)), which effectively protects the battery.
7. Simple structure: modular design of machine functional parts, simple structure and convenient maintenance.
8. High efficiency and energy saving: low no-load current, no-load energy saving.
9. Intelligent battery management: The intelligent battery monitoring and management system strengthens battery monitoring, extends battery life and utilization. The lower limit protection design of the DC power supply circuit. When the DC power supply is lower than the protection voltage, the inverter will automatically shut down.