The best use environment for the inverter


 When the inverter is installed, it cannot be installed […]

 When the inverter is installed, it cannot be installed in an environment where exposure can occur. Especially when it rains, it is very uncomfortable to cause moisture. It is also not allowed to have any water on the power supply of the inverter. The temperature environment of the inverter should be controlled between 1-40 degrees Celsius, and it cannot be higher than him or lower than him. The inverter is also not able to be installed in the middle of an object that is easy to burn, and cannot be placed in a place where it is easily accessible to dust.
  If the cable is too long, don't use it, but you need to isolate the inverter from the battery. The battery can also be exposed outside. The generated gas is very corrosive. If it takes a long time, it will be Damage to the inverter inside. The place where the inverter is connected to the ground is directly connected to its own load. The power supply inside is able to control its own technical application. The basic type of circuit is still very simple, but the content of the output with Ningbo is also very The big one is also because the current inside is very large, and then transferred out of its own multiple design of a power supply for its own small amount, is also able to put the elegant waveform inside, and then obtained a very wide range of applications.
  The pulse-rich technology is a kind of reference. In order to adjust the triangle wave inside, it is possible to modulate the stack of things. In the process of modulation, it is possible to use a switch to replace the amount of its own simulation, and then pass the inverter. The power supply performs all of its own control and then turns the current into an alternating current. Such a technique is called inverter technology.
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