Solar controllers are safer to use


For the solar controller, it is an automatic control de […]

For the solar controller, it is an automatic control device used in a solar power generation system to control a multi-channel solar battery array to charge a battery and the battery to supply power to a solar inverter load. That is to say, its product use is to automatically control solar charging and power supply equipment. The use of this new controller has alleviated our labor pressure to the greatest extent, improved our work efficiency, and also increased the safety of our power output, allowing us to make full use of renewable energy.
The solar energy controller is a microcomputer data acquisition and monitoring control system. It can quickly collect real-time photovoltaic system, current working status, and at the same time obtain the work information of the station p. It can also evaluate the historical data of such information. The rationality of the system design and the quality and reliability of the test system components can be obtained through historical data as the basis of analysis. In addition, the solar controller also has a serial communication data transmission function, which can convert many different System, centralized management or remote control.
And this new type of control has perfect protection function in use. That is to say, when we use the solar controller, we have increased the power adjustment functions in various aspects. Through simple instructions, protocol communication functions, and background management such as Ethernet wireless, we can make it more convenient. Perform operation control. And his perfect protection function is reflected in the phenomenon of a series of circuit connections such as reverse connection of electrical protection, short circuit, over current and so on. This protection function allows us to have a stable state of use and avoid some failures. At the same time, it also allows our various solar products to maintain a long-term working state through this protection function.