Solar controller related introduction


The solar controller is now used in solar power generat […]

The solar controller is now used in solar power generation systems, which can control a multi-channel solar cell array, charge the battery, and automatically control the battery to power the solar inverter load. That is to say, this kind of controller is a device for controlling, charging in power generation system and switching back and forth between power supply. It is now widely used in our various energy sources and power generation equipment, bringing convenience to people's work. Moreover, this new type of equipment is a monitoring control system that combines a high-speed CPU microprocessor with a high-precision analog-to-digital converter, which can alleviate the statistical difficulty of our manual data.
The emergence of such solar controller equipment makes the work of power generation equipment more convenient, and makes the manual data statistics more convenient and more accurate. At the same time, it is also beneficial to the data when various devices have problems. The abnormality takes the corresponding maintenance program. Moreover, this type of controller also has a serial communication data transmission function, which can centrally manage and remotely control multiple PV system substations, thereby minimizing the difficulty of manual operation.
That is to say, it can be used only in one operating system, through the solar controller, the management of different sub-stations of various solar equipment and the remote operation control, satisfying the demand for work in colleges and universities, and its The control is very accurate. For example, the solar street light can determine which street light is bright and which street light is not bright. If there is a problem, the relevant maintenance can be carried out in time, which brings people's work. A very good condition.
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