How to choose a photovoltaic inverter?


Photovoltaic inverters are one of the most important co […]

Photovoltaic inverters are one of the most important core components of photovoltaic power generation systems, and the quality of photovoltaic inverters is related to the power generation efficiency and output of photovoltaic power plants.
(1) Desert-type power stations-centralized photovoltaic inverters are recommended
The desert area is vast and flat, with a large area, and a large-scale power station. Compared with other types of inverters, centralized photovoltaic inverters have obvious advantages. First, the initial investment cost of photovoltaic inverters in the entire power station is low. Second, the centralized type has advantages in terms of maximum efficiency and overload capacity. The centralized solution is more in line with grid access requirements. Finally, in terms of operation and maintenance, the number of centralized photovoltaic inverters is relatively large. Less, convenient and time-saving maintenance.
(2) Hill type power station-it is recommended to choose the centralized photovoltaic inverter as the main and the string type as the auxiliary
The scale of power stations in hilly areas is different, and the orientation of photovoltaic modules is different. The multi-MPPT centralized photovoltaic inverter for this application can effectively solve the problem of orientation and shading. If the terrain of the selected hill power station is very complicated, the construction of the power station is difficult Large, you can consider using string inverters as an auxiliary supplement.
(3) Rooftop type power station-it is recommended to choose string type photovoltaic inverter as the main and centralized type as auxiliary
The design of a rooftop power station is relatively complicated. The entire power station is affected by various factors such as roof size, layout, material load-bearing, and shadow shielding safety. It is necessary to achieve maximum benefits through the scientific ratio of components and photovoltaic inverters. String photovoltaic inverters are recommended for small-area roofs, and commercial roofs for large-scale factories. Considering the roof load-bearing and maintenance convenience, a centralized solution can be selected.
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