How to buy UPS inverter?


1. What is UPS? How does it work and its scope of appli […]

1. What is UPS? How does it work and its scope of application?  
Uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, is a kind of power guarantee equipment that allows the load equipment it carries to be protected from the interruption of the external power system for a period of time.
With the continuous development of digital computer technology, the scope of its application has gradually penetrated into important sectors such as industrial control, banking, electric power, military, finance, communications, etc. This also puts forward more stringent requirements on the stability and reliability of computers. The emergence of UPS is to deal with the sudden power failure, voltage instability, power line clutter* and other problems that often occur in the power system, and to ensure that the computer system can continue to work normally in the case of power supply problems.
The working principle of UPS is like a reservoir. When the external power supply is normal, the UPS will not only supply power to the load normally, but also convert part of the electrical energy into chemical energy for storage; once the external power supply is suddenly interrupted, the UPS will immediately start the inverter device to quickly convert the chemical energy into Electric energy continuously supplies power to the load to ensure the normal operation of the load equipment.
2. How to choose a UPS power supply that suits you
According to statistics from the world's most professional UPS power supply data website-Hengpower website (, there are currently as many as 20 common UPS power supply brands on the market, with a total of as many as 1,643 various UPS power products . Faced with so many various UPS power products, which one is more suitable for you?
1. How to choose online and backup UPS power supply
Generally, the online UPS is expensive, but the protection function is very complete. It can filter out most of the parasitic viruses on the power grid and fully guarantee the stability and safety of the load equipment; the backup UPS is small in size and low in price. Especially important equipment systems can also prevent data loss caused by power failure.
If economic conditions permit, of course online UPS first. However, from an economic point of view, a backup UPS power supply is sufficient for ordinary families or ordinary office places with low requirements.
2. Choose how large a UPS power supply is enough
At present, the average power consumption of a computer is about 250VA, and a backup 500VA UPS can provide power for about ten minutes. This period of time can completely ensure that you have enough time to save the file, and then shut down the computer normally. If you have multiple computers at home, you can calculate the total power yourself, and then select the appropriate UPS capacity. For some special commercial and industrial applications, the calculation is much more complicated. Because of the requirements of these departments on UPS, it is often necessary to ensure that dozens of computers can work continuously for more than ten hours or even dozens of hours when the power grid is cut off.
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