Energy recovery is the key to the longevity of the inverter


In many cases, you will see different new energy techno […]

In many cases, you will see different new energy technologies, such as cars. New energy vehicles are very hot, but in actual use, there are still many discomforts. In addition, many new energy vehicles in China are not really energy-saving. Electricity is the main type, and only companies like Toyota Motor are able to recycle. The new energy developed is a real hybrid car, which saves fuel and is more energy-efficient. It also recycles excess energy and reuses it. Moving new energy vehicles does not rely on only one inverter, inverter power supply, and solar inverter to make a car. That is not new energy. In the author's opinion, in addition to Toyota, Honda also has energy recovery functions, and Many new cars come with this function, that is, when your car is in use, it automatically recycles the extra energy to achieve real energy saving, but in many cases, this energy saving is not recognized by the country, but We humans all recognize energy saving and emission reduction, so this kind of car is called real energy saving, and the inverter plays a big role!