Daily maintenance of solar power equipment


Solar energy is a clean energy source. At present, dome […]

Solar energy is a clean energy source. At present, domestic solar energy systems are vigorously promoting the use of solar energy in daily production and life. One of them is to use solar energy to generate electricity. The solar power equipment sold on the market today has a relatively high technology content, and requires regular maintenance during daily use. Let me introduce to you how solar power equipment should be maintained and repaired.
Solar power generation equipment mainly uses solar panels to receive solar energy, which is then converted into electricity by the controller. Generally, it is recommended to install solar power generation equipment only in areas with abundant sunlight. So whether the solar panel is clean or not is directly related to the power conversion capability of the solar panel. During routine maintenance, the solar panel should be cleaned regularly to prevent foreign objects from covering the solar panel. However, it should be noted that solar panels are generally fragile, and care must be taken when cleaning to prevent the solar panels from breaking. Home Solar Inverter
Even if a part of the solar panel produced by some manufacturers is broken, the domestic solar power generator will not completely lose the ability to convert solar energy, but the solar energy produced by some manufacturers cannot be used once it is broken. If the manufacturer explicitly tells that the solar panel cannot be cleaned by itself when purchasing solar power generation equipment, once foreign matter is found on the solar panel, the manufacturer can be notified for repair and maintenance. Solar control equipment and batteries also require regular maintenance by the manufacturer, and ordinary individuals cannot perform maintenance and processing. For solar power generation systems purchased from regular manufacturers, solar controllers are generally maintained and repaired by professional after-sales service personnel every six months or one year. When using solar power generation equipment, safety is also very important, so it is best not to touch it randomly if you do not understand the power generation system.