Consumer Notice: How to use the inverter correctly


Although the inverter is not a new thing for the genera […]

Although the inverter is not a new thing for the general public, we still can't take it lightly, or we need to master the necessary things in the normal use process. What should be paid attention to when the inverter is used correctly, and what are the correct methods of use? These are all we need to know and be familiar with. Therefore, even those very small details, we should pay attention in time.
When using, the positive and negative poles should be connected correctly. This can be said to be the most basic problem of using the inverter, and it is also the most important safety issue. Many users have made a lot of inconveniences in the use process because they have made two mistakes. In addition, the placed environment is one of the precautions for proper use of the inverter. Under normal circumstances, the working environment of photovoltaic equipment such as inverters generally needs to be placed in a relatively cool and dry and ventilated environment, which can avoid the rust of metal parts. If it is idle, it should be placed in a high temperature environment where the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees.
Can not be turned on and off frequently. If it is necessary to quickly turn on and off for a short period of time due to special circumstances, then the sequence of operations should be separated by at least five seconds, otherwise the inverter may be burnt out. Finally, one thing we must pay attention to when using the inverter is that the inverter must not be synchronized at the same time, so it is easy to connect to its battery, which is very prone to dangerous situations such as short-circuit of the power supply. Inflicts unnecessary damage to the operator or others.