Are the use of UPS and inverter the same?


Application field 1. The 220V electricity obtained by t […]

Application field
1. The 220V electricity obtained by the inverter on the car is 220V 50HZ, the high-end point is a sine wave, and the cheap one is generally a square wave.
The sine wave is the same as the electricity used to connect to the socket, and the square wave can also be used. However, if you use a fan and other equipment with a motor, there will be some noise. The reason why the square wave is used is because The cost of this modulation method is relatively low. In general, the inverter of the vehicle has a maximum power of 500 watts, and the air conditioner generally has more than 700 watts. The air conditioners in cars, including those buses, let the engine directly drive the compressor, not electricity. If there is an additional electricity conversion process in the middle, the loss will be even greater. And it is not easy to install, it is better to use car air conditioning.
2. Connect laptops, TVs, disc players and the like, as long as they are used under his rated power, but it should be noted that he is connected to the car battery, although he usually protects from power failure at 11V, To prevent the car from starting due to low voltage, but it is still not suitable for use when the engine is not running, so if the load is relatively large, it is recommended to start the engine. If it is to charge the phone, there is no problem.
3. On the electric car, there is a module called DC-DC, which is also called a DC converter. This module inputs 48V and outputs 12V, then you only need to buy a 12V input car inverter to use. Of course, it is better if you can buy a 48V input inverter, but it is estimated that it is difficult to buy. In addition, this module can only provide 5A current, but the maximum is not more than 10A, and the lights are also used, so it is easy to overload. It is recommended that if you can, buy an additional DC converter, this converter specifically supplies power to your inverter, then if the DC converter can only provide 5A, then the inverter input should be less than 5A, otherwise the module may be damaged Of course, there are some DC converters where the current is very large. If there is no place to repair the car, you can go to some electrical stores or ask them to repair to give you a large current, or multiple DC converters can be connected in parallel. In short, Don't overload him.
4. There is a vvvf traction inverter on urban rail vehicles, which is used for frequency conversion and voltage transformation. When the train is traction, the high voltage (generally dc750V or DC1500V) is changed into three-phase electricity with adjustable frequency and voltage for the use of traction electric motive. During braking, the three-phase electrical energy emitted by the train's inertia driving the traction motor can be converted into direct current and fed back to the grid or consumed through the energy consumption module.
The main application of the inverter in the field of communication is to provide AC auxiliary power for DC power. Some maintenance tools require AC power, but DC power cannot provide AC power, which can be provided by the inverter. Provide DC-AC conversion function for photovoltaic grid-connected power system. Invert the direct current generated by the solar system into alternating current and input it into the power grid.
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